Glass Top Table

Glass table tops are a fantastic way to protect your beautiful furniture from natural wear and tear.

Glass can shield wood surfaces from spills, condensation, scratches, and dings. It provides a sheer covering to ensure that your pieces maintain their natural beauty and luster for many years to come. For a contemporary look we can also custom cut glass that will serve as a table top in its own right. Having a transparent table can make small spaces feel more open. Furthermore, this offers a modern look by providing a clear, functional piece for daily use or decoration.

Types of glass to consider:

Clear Glass

Low-Iron Glass

Acid-Etched (“Frosted”) Glass

Gray Glass

Black Glass


Most glass table tops are made from 1/4″ (6mm) clear glass, but there are many thicknesses available:

20 Inch

24 Inch

30 Inch

36 Inch

41 Inch

48 Inch

54 Inch

60 Inch

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