Lamina Float Glass


thickness: 4 -19 mm

laminated glass total thickness: 6 -100 mm

pvb film color: 

transparent, milky white, gray, blue, green, pink, etc. .

PVB film thickness: 

0.38-2.28 mm.

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Safety performance:

normal people use tools to break through the laminated glass time-consuming, loud, it is very difficult to enter the room through the laminated glass and easy to be found, it is highly resistant to vandalism, theft and violent intrusion..

Strong wind and earthquake resistance:

because the laminated glass in the time of rupture or after the rupture, the fragments still in situ performance can withstand stronger wind and earthquakes


Made of laminated safety glass, the Bulletproof glass successfully resists bullet penetration


Sound insulation performance:

PVB Film on the acoustic wave, so that laminated glass can effectively block the spread of sound, reduce noise.


laminated glass on the UV has a higher blocking effect (up to 99%) . Thermal insulation performance:

laminated glass with good thermal insulation performance, can reduce the room heating in winter, summer room air-conditioning and the heat exchange of the environment, so as to achieve energy-saving effect