Float Glass

Diamond Glass is one of leading float distributor in North China and stocks a wide variety of float products for immediate delivery.

We can take care of any inventory managment, products fulfillment and final distributon need that you might have to save your money and time when getting you your glass.

Our facility is designed to handle glass products safely and efficiently buy ultlizing.

Float Type:

Clear Thickness 3.2mm to 19mm

Low Iron Thickness 3.2mm to 19mm

Tinted Thickness 3.2mm to 12mm

Glass Type:

Gray Float Glass

Bronze Float Glass

Black Float Glass

Green Float Glass

Blue Float Glass

Pink Float Glass

Sizes (Inch)

96" x 144"

96" x 130"

84" x 144"

84" x 130"

96" x 72"

96" x 60"

84" x 72"

84" x 60"

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